Zombies: Coming to a Bottle Near You

People love The Walking Dead. Whether it’s the comic book or theTV show, these loyal readers and viewers put the “fantatic” into fan. Still, we’re not sure the rest of the world are ready for walkers in their wine bottles. That’s exactly what fans are getting when The Walking Dead Blood Red and Caberet Sauvignon hit shelves this month just in time for the series to return to the small screen.

“We know how enthusiastic fans of The Walking Dead can be and we expect they will embrace the Living Wine Labels app and The Walking Dead wines with real excitement,” said Seth Hynes, who is leading the introduction of the wines for The Last Wine Company, a partnership between Skybound Entertainment and Treasury Wine Estates.

To bring the labels to life, you’ll need the Living Wine app and, of course, a bottle of The Walking Dead wine. The app is free but each bottle of wine will set fans of legal drinking age back $18.99. But hey, they are supposed to have a collectable cork…. No word on whether the app will work with empty bottles.


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