2 Magical Experiences Often Overlooked in Orlando’s Wizarding World

It’s not hard to have magical experiences in Orlando, the “Theme Park Capital of the World”. That said, some experiences are more magical than others and, like many uses of magic, often ignored in the muggle world. Here are two under-the-radar magical experiences witches, wizards, squibs and even muggles won’t want to miss:

Send a “Wish You Were Here” note from Hogsmeade

Not everyone is lucky enough to visit the wizarding world in Orlando. Though gloating isn’t very nice, you can tell your BFFs, frenemies, classmates, siblings, sweethearts, parents or really anyone else a very message from Hogsmeade. Write your note on wizardly stationary available only inside the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Orlando Resort then send it via the Hogsmeade Owl Post. Messages will require special postage (owls aren’t generally employed by the US Postal Service or indeed any muggle postal service in the world), recieve a Hogsmeade postmark and surely delight both senders and recipients! (Remember: for grandparents and maybe even parents, postcards were staples of every vacation before Facebook and Instagram took over.)

Do “Real” Magic

Be careful how you wave your wand when visiting Orlando’s Wizarding World. You wouldn’t want to “put someone’s eye out”, as Hermoine warns. For safety and security reasons the Ministry only permits magic performed with special interactive wands obtained on site at Ollivander’s Wand Shop to perform magic in Orlando. Get your hands on one of those, however, and you will reveal hidden secrets, send objects flying and ever cause water spouts throughout both Diagon Alley and Hogsmeade.

Orlando is home to seven of the top theme parks in the world. Starting with the Magic Kingdom,  as Walt Disney World is known  and extending to Universal Studios, the area is notable for its dedication to making the fantastic film worlds real if only on vacation.