Marvel’s Worldwide (Box Office) Domination

Marvel Studios continues to dominate box offices worldwide as Avengers: Infinity War posts the highest global opening weekend revenues of all time. According to comScore, the global total of $640.4 million for the weekend ending April 29, 2018 includes a record-setting $257.7 million from North American box offices. Through Monday the overall weekend total brought in by the Avengers exceeds $725 million.

The story doesn’t end there, either. 

Black Panther which smashed so many records in March is still hanging in there. Worldwide weekend totals of more than $5 million are enough to keep it at #10 despite only bringing in $800,000 internationally.  At home, Black Panther remains significantly more popular ranking #5 in North America with a weekend total of $4,381,000. Cumulatively the film has earned more than $688 million. 

Such unprecedented success befits many a Marvel character. Whether that character is a hero or a villain, remains to be seen, even after 10 years and 19 films (or 20 years and 25 films, if you’re counting from 1998’s Blade film). After all, even Marvel villains enjoy some significant successes before a tragic flaw brings them down and the hero (and heroines) eventually triumph (despite their own own).  Avengers-Infinity-War-Captain-Strange-Hulk-Bruce-Banner-and-Iron-Man-