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Gen Con Indy 2011 showcases Neverwinter

Return to one of role-playing most iconic and legendary cities, Neverwinter, at Gen Con this weekend. The city-state of Neverwinter, home of the first graphical MMORPG and countless Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms campaigns will be arriving in Indianapolis in force with many new and exciting offerings including sneak peeks at the 4th Edition of Neverwinter Campaign Setting, the new comic mini series and more as part of the Neverwinter Mass Adventure at Gen Con 2011.

Wizards of the Coast just announced that those attending Gen Con Indy 2011 will have the opportunity to participate in a unique Neverwinter adventure aptly named the Neverwinter Mass Adventure at Gen Con 2011. A series of QR codes will guide attendees to a variety of Wizards of the Coast sponsored special events and locations throughout the Con. Along the way, attendees will face challenges and choices on their quest for glory, power or riches. Helping them along their journey will be hints and tips provided through D&D on Facebook and Twitter.

Neverwinter fans will also be glad to discover that a new Facebook games, D&D Heroes of Neverwinter is scheduled to be released soon. This turn-based strategy game offer lighter digital fare with prefabricated and user generated dungeons, gifting and more.

Along with the Neverwinter Mass Adventure, Gen Con 2011 attendees and D&D players around the globe come together to enjoy Neverwinter Game Day on 6 August, 2011. This year’s D&D Neverwinter Game Day spotlights Gates of Neverdeath, an exclusive adventure in which characters are introduced to some of the intrigues and dangers awaiting them in Neverwinter. For the first time, players will create their own D&D at Gen Con or any of the myriad events planned across North America and around the world and play in a prelude adventure to the upcoming Dungeons and Dragons Encounters season!

D&D Organized Play

Never Winter Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons Returns to the Legendary City of Neverwinter; Exciting, New Suite of D&D Offerings Unveiled at Gen Con Indy 2011.

Speaking of D&D Encounters, beginning 10 August, 2011 (so after Gen Con 2011), players are invited to gather at their local game stores every Wednesday night to experience The Lost Crown of Neverwinter season. D&D Encounters is the first Dungeons and Dragons Organized Play program designed specifically and exclusively for weekly play at retail locations worldwide. The new D&D Neverwinter Fortune Cards, which hit shelves earlier this summer, enhances the D&D Encounters experience by adding an element of unpredictability. Each Fortune Card affects gameplay by enhancing attacks or defenses as well as offer other player benefits.

Weighing antimatter

Science fiction creators love antimatter. Nature, not so much. Hoping to shed some light on just why nature prefer’s matter over antimatter, scientists have weighed, or rather measured the mass of the anitproton, to an […]