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Pam on Pam: Confessions of a fan-girl

Please excuse me, I’m having an OOC moment…ok, week…maybe month….

Jack at PHXCC 2011
Capt. Jack Sparrow poses at PHXCC 2011

Captain Jack Sparrow smells like rum extract. Not rum. Rum Extract. The non-alcoholic stuff you bake with. I know this because I’m old enough to recall baking cakes without mixes and as line moderator got close enough to Jack as he waited to ask Kristin Bauer van Straten, also known as Pam from the original HBO series True Blood, a question to smell it. In fact, I think he was using me as a security blanket. Or maybe he just liked hanging on me. It’s hard to tell with pirates.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Last Friday dawned like any other Friday. Except it wasn’t. Not only was it the Friday before Memorial Day, it was the first full day of the 2011 Phoenix Comic Con!!!

RP outside the Twitter box

One hundred and forty characters (of which I just used 32) isn’t always enough.

Yes, I know, it’s shocking that there are times when what I want or need to say can’t be winnowed down to just 140 characters. I’m sure @EricNorthman_ and @JstackhouseTB often wish I could. Well, perhaps not @Eric_NorthmanTBEric, he uses Tweetdeck’s long post feature frequently. And @Scarlett_Area5 would be pleased as punch if I moved over into the longer forms of role play and writing competitions she favors. Still I am a “one-liner” at heart, though that doesn’t mean I have not and do not  express myself elsewhere.

Here are a few of my favorite outlets as well as some insight into what I like about them.


Probably my favorite all around blogging platform. In addition to my sporadic contributions to The Preternatural Post, my alter-ego co-writes Reflections of the Night with @VampireSheriff and if I were in the market for some more personal space, WordPress would be the platform I would choose. It’s a very robust system that unifies most of my other interests, from graphics to video, with ease and flexibility. It’s the flexibility that really wins me over, hands down. If you are serious about blogging, WordPress is where I would start, grow and finish. And did I mention: it’s free? At least a site is.