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Preternatural Shows Premiering this Fall: Grimm, Terra Nova and The Secret Circle

Witches! Dinosaurs! Fairytales! Oh my!

This fall, television viewers will be excited to find three new preternatural shows. Each with their own niche, these shows will be a nice change from the usual comedy and drama filled fare that tend to overload every networks nightly lineups. While there is guaranteed to be some teenage angst, cop drama and, of course, life threatening moments, these shows should intrigue all those who enjoy anything that is preternatural.

The Secret Circle

(premieres September 15th, 9/8c on CW)

After the success of L.J. Smith‘s first series, The Vampire Diaries, CW has invested in and is premiering the second of series based off of her books, The Secret Circle.

This fall, viewers will be introduced to beautiful Cassie Blake, recently orphaned and sent to live in the small town of Chance Harbor, Washington. Under the care of her loving grandmother, Cassie begins to settle into every day life… until her new friends reveal a secret.

Descended powerful witches, Cassie is approached to join a secret circle filled with magic and mystery. It isn’t long until she discovers there is more at hand than meets the eye. Cassie and her friends will have to rise up to overcome the dark powers at play, or succumb to its whim.

Premiering on September 15th at 9/8c, The Secret Circle will follow its predecessor, The Vampire Diaries. It seems the CW will continue have their Thursday nights geared towards the preternatural and appealing to a more teenage audience.

Will The Secret Circle cast a spell on its audience? Or will it cease to live up to the success of The Vampire Diaries? Only way to find out is to view in!