Welcome to The Preternatural Post the news source for fictional characters and legendary creatures.

The Preternatural Post is a blog about the extraordinary aspects of our world. Most people call that fiction. Maybe it is. Then, again, maybe it isn’t.

Certainly fiction, and fictional beings — vampires, werewolves, elves, shifters, ghosts, fairies, etc,  — are the focus of The Preternatural Post. We’ll be keeping you up-to-date on upcoming release dates for books, games and movies as well as programming notes for television shows featuring our favorite fictional characters. As much as possible, we’ll also keep you current on relevant news, information and resources available online for role-players, fans and supernatural beings of all kinds. What we aren’t going to cover is the celebrity gossip about the actors, authors, artists, developers, film makers and other “real” individuals who create the worlds and realities our favorite “fictional” characters inhabit.

The Preternatural Post goes beyond fan sites. We’ll also be looking at reality where it escapes the bonds of normalcy from cryptozoology and psychic powers to religion and history. We’ll explore some of the real places that have inspired legends and myths as well as those that serve as a backdrop for our favorite stories.

That’s a lot of ground to cover. To do it well, we’re going to need your help. So please, feel free to share your comments, thoughts, opinions and, of course, news tips! We also need your financial support. Think of us as the NPR of the paranormal and supernatural worlds. We are entirely community supported. Your donations, large or small, help us keep the news flowing and our staff fed. We really appreciate it! Thank you.

Now, suspend your disbelief and well come to the Preternatural Post world!

Who We Are

Mena Changes

Mena Grazie, Managing Editor

Ms. Grazie took the helm of the Preternatural Post in 2010 after several years as a successful freelance journalist. She was lured to the Shreveport area from Minnesota after a series of incidents, including a magickal duel with another blood witch. After vanishing abruptly in 2014, she has recently returned as will be coordinating the rebirth of the Preternatural Post as a voice for the paranormal and supernatural community online.

As a powerful and practicing witch, Ms. Grazie was the ideal choice to cover the preternatural world. Not only is she part of the preternatural community, she also has an extensive background in gaming, literature, history and haunted houses.

In addition to her work for the Preternatural Post, Ms. Grazie maintains a personal blog, Stirring the Pot for her creative writing (fiction) efforts. She is also on Facebook and roleplays on Twitter as @MenaGrazie.


Pam R., Columnist

The roleplayer behind @TB_PamR kindly lends her voice and wit to the Preternatural Post in occasional columns on the nuts and bolts of roleplaying on Twitter. Twice-bonded to Lunch (@JStackhouseTB), she is the progeny of @Eric_NorthmanTB. She can also be found on Blip, Polyvore and Facebook. Pams Place is her personal blog.

She is not affiliated with Charlaine Harris, HBO, True Blood or Kristin Bauer van Straten. The views expressed in her column are strictly her own.

Jay spring 2011Jay Hammond, Publisher

Our fearless leader, chief cook and reader. It’s taken a while but she’s finally decided to step into the light and own her dreams. A professional writer and editor she’s helmed a news website for financial professionals and two departments for Pearson. Now she’s the driving force and starving artist inspiring The Preternatural Post.

Along with The Preternatural Post, Ms. Hammond is the founder of Informed Ideas for Writers, a LinkedIn Group founded in 2008 that currently has more than 8,400 members as well as an author and freelance blogger. She can be found on Twitter at @InformedIdeas

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